Maia Aela av Jennyli Gustafsson

Mother Earth is about to go through a crucial transformation that will take mankind to the next level of spiritual evolution. This is the story of the search for the twin soul and the inner kingdom of God. You get to meet the young girl from Sweden, Maia Aela, who spent her previous life on planet Akleja in the Pleiades. You also get to meet Ernesto, who comes from Peru and whose ancestors were Inca Indians. Maia"s encounters with the ancestors from the Pleiades take place through a portal of dimensions. Their many talks develop and create a vital image of the new human race that is about to be born. Ernesto also carries ancient wisdom from his forefathers via his grandmother. In a magical way this wisdom gets intertwined with the messages from planet Akleja. Maybe it is not a coincidence that Maia and Ernesto bump into one another. It might have been decided long before they were born in accordance with ancient Inca prophecies. The girl from the Scandinavia and the boy from Latin America have a joint mission; to unite north with south, modern with ancient and woman with man. Just like Mother Earth is seeking her twin soul to unite with, Maia is seeking hers. The air of mystery thickens with the many messages, symbols and incidents in Maia"s life. As the reader you can apply the essence of this to your life and in that way help Mother Earth to be blessed with a timeless soul mate. This idea helps her rise into a state of vibration and will free her from all suffering. The book welcomes you to take part in a breathtaking journey through your inner universe, where you at the same time will be given the opportunity of looking outwards to unfamiliar galaxies

ISBN: 9789186799595

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