Ascension Numerology: A Love Letter from Your Higher Self av Michael Hersey, Ulla Lindgren

Ascension Numerology brings ancient wisdom into the 21st century by presenting a strong focus on your spiritual intention, particularly through the Ascension Number. It introduces key concepts such as the "Love Letter from Your Higher Self," and the message that you are the creator of your life. You have been planning this adventure for a long time. During the preplanning you set things up to encourage the likelihood of you realizing your ascension. This information is available to you through your numerology chart. New insights await long-time students of numerology, while new students will find simplicity and clarity guiding them into an intuitive grasp of their charts. And all readers are empowered to go deeper on their own with this cutting edge book. A new dimension is the use of multiple color graphic representations to speak directly to your right brain. This book is fun!

ISBN: 9789186613297

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