New Directions in Post-heroic Entrepreneurship av Caroline Esser

This book critiques the mainstream, popular discourse on entrepreneurship, which traditionally constructs a heroic male, white archetypical entrepreneur. Caroline Essers contends that the interlocking of gender and ethnicity needs to be included in the theorizing of entrepreneurship in order to acquire a more complete picture of what happens when people are involved in entrepreneurial activities. Traditional images of entrepreneurship not only do little justice to the experiences of certain groups of entrepreneurs, such as the female migrant businesswomen that were interviewed for this book, but they also limit the entrepreneurial identification of such entrepreneurs in a problematic way. The intersectional analysis of these businesswomen?s experiences, identities, and coping strategies leads to a better specification of the notion of entrepreneurship. Priset gäller för varje separat artikel i serien

ISBN: 9789147088058

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